Tron Dance Shows
20 November 2017, 1532 hits

TOP 5 customization for the client

I have decided to write this article to show you what exactly does it mean for us, if the client requests a special customized show. What exactly happens when a client orders a customized show?

Tron Dance Shows
03 November 2017, 1390 hits

How the rental look like

Are you thinking about renting Tron Dance Suits for your own show, but you don´t know where to start? In this article, you can find all information that you need!

Tron Dance Shows
10 October 2017, 1828 hits

LED Strip Studio All Tutorials

 Hello to every LSS programmer! Because our company always wants the best possible service to our customers, we would like to write you a detailed description for new tutorial videos about Led Strip Studio software. In the article, you can find a link to free download!

Tron Dance Shows
02 October 2017, 1140 hits

TOP 5 disadvantages of Tron Dance Show

Because everything has got pros and cons and I don´t like write just one-sided thinks, I would like to share with you also disadvantages of Tron Dance Show. 

Tron Dance Shows
14 September 2017, 1497 hits

Top 5 Best Tron Dance Events

Do you want to read the second part of our Top 5 rated events? Here is how we continue. 

Tron Dance Shows
04 September 2017, 1279 hits

Top 5 Best Tron Dance Events

In this article you can read about the TOP 5 events that, we did in our Tron Dance history. These shows weren't just the best, but also the biggest. Majority of them were broadcast live on TV and the internet, so we have had to be extra careful not to mess it up :) .

Tron Dance Shows
27 August 2017, 1098 hits

The Trip To Pakistan

We worked every night for three days and it rained every single day (the joys of open air events :D ), so it was necessary to have all covers just next to the lasers. Unfortunately, they are not water resistant. The dancers, all 14 of them, arrived a day before the event and did full rehearsals. We couldn’t do a full rehearsal because the LED screen was still not installed, but .... 

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