Tron Dance Shows
07 January 2015, 4787 hits

LED dance - is it worth it?

There are 2 different answers. From the artistic point of view, if you love dancing and you love lighting technology, the answer is yes. From business point of view - now that depends. And I'll try to answer the business side of the question in this article.

Tron Dance Shows
08 June 2014, 3116 hits

Red Bull in Central - our most successful Tron Dance performance

I hold a great respect in the marketing of Red Bull. They really use the earned money for something, which you can only admire. No matter if it’s jumping Felix or all those adrenaline sports. We've had luck to work already on 2 great projects for the "sweet water".

Tron Dance Shows
19 May 2014, 7272 hits

Our Tron Dance journey

Every journey starts with an inspiration. And we had a big one in Wrecking Orchestra, the creators of the very first Tron Dance shows ever.

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