Miss Slovakia 2015

The plan was to use 11 dancers and our video LED bars to do the show. You can watch the full performance, just as it aired on TV, right here:

The 5 male dancers were from the Pastels group and they are very experienced. The other 6 dancers were young girls from the dance school.

What I liked about the show is that the music we’ve used was a bit different to what we usually use. I think it is quite cool how the dancers appear out of nowhere and then quickly disappear just before the models come onto the stage for the first time. The performance is quite short and I think that’s great – it’s just a nice highlight to the main event. The dance performance is standard, but the breakdancing at the start is quite good. One last thing I liked are the LED background videos.

Our first experiments with new tool – the intensity control. This was the first time we were adjusting it during the show. Before we had always set the intensity of the dance costumes to less than 5% when doing TV performance. The reason was simple – the cameras can’t shoot higher intensity, or rather you would see all the colors as red. But this time, at the end of the show, we changed the intensity to 100%. That’s why the suits are so bright as the performance finishes. I know it’s a small detail, but it’s the details that make great shows.

However, as per usual when dealing with live performances, the devil never sleeps. Can you find an error in the performance? Watch the video once again and try to find one.

What went wrong?

You probably haven’t noticed that there were 5 dancers at the beginning and only 4 of them at the end of the show. I haven’t noticed it myself sitting in the audience. It wasn’t until after we’ve finished the performance and replayed the video once again that we’ve realized.

What happened? We had another job in Germany at the same time and we’ve sold several suits lately, so we had to use some of our older equipment. The backpack of one of the dancers was already too old and too loose. This was especially troublesome because he performed the breakdancing part, and the backpack wasn't tight enough to hold the equipment (although everything was fine at the rehearsals). His suit controller and battery disconnected and hit the ground. Unfortunately it’s not possible for the dancer to connect them back on his own. Luckily the dancer was quite professional and what he has done is just great in my opinion - he left the stage carefully without being noticed and let the rest of his team finish.

I hold a great respect for professionals. Leaving the stage was indeed the best thing the dancer could have done. This professional approach is great about the dance group we work with – especially compared to amateur dancers who are usually unable to react quickly. I think if there had been a less experienced performer in this show, he might have stayed on the stage and continue dancing. Or even worse – he would stand there and panic. Both would most likely ruin the show.

But fortunately our dancer colleague was a professional and did the best he could – he took the controllers and he let the others finish the performance. I’m sure, 90% of the audience didn’t even notice he was missing (did you?). And how was the show supposed to look like with all 5 dancers? See for yourself:

As you already know from my previous articles, we’ve spent a lot of time improving the LED dance system. And yet there is always a chance things will go wrong. In my experience it takes as little as two things for something to go wrong, causing the performance to not play out as planned – in our case, we couldn’t use the best equipment, one we usually use, and one of the few old backpacks was used for the dancer who did the breakdancing part. And what have I learned from all of this? S**t happens, but show must go on…

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