LED dance - is it worth it?

First of all, for us, the answer to both of these questions is a definitive yes. We love Tron Dance and the revenue and profit are also quite good for such a new type of business/technology.

What are all the things you need for Tron Dance shows?

I’ve answered this question in my previous posts, but let’s recap a bit.

1. LED Suits

The first thing you need to solve are the LED suits. You can develop and produce your own or you can buy products from specialized suppliers. There are some chinese products available or you can buy the products from us.

2. Dancers

The second important thing you need is to find the dancers. You can just hire individual dancers, but it's usually easier to start working with some dance studio or dance school.

LED dancers

You'll definitely need some dancers and you'll probably have to pay them :( ...


3. Create choreography

After you have the technology and the dancers, you have to create at least one choreography you'll be able to present to your clients. Of course the more choreographies you have the better. I must admit, it's quite a shame we've been able to produce only one choreography during the first year of doing Tron Dance. But it was selling well and we were all very busy, there was simply not enough time...

Our first choreography has been used more than 50 times for different events…


Of course it's better if you find some creative choreographer, who can help you create dance performances. We've been lucky in this respect, since we have a good friend who is an owner of one of the dance schools here in Slovakia. Thanks to that we have a very creative person at our disposal, professional who created more than 1000 choreographies during his career. Plus we also have access to many 'spare' dancers in case of injury or illness. That's how we solved the dancers and choreographies at the same time.


Price range?

After you have the dancers who can perform some LED dance performance, you're ready to find your first client. The typical question I hear is: how much can we charge for one performance? The answer is quite complicated, because it really depends on where you live. We did a little tool for you to help out with the calculations before you spend any money. It should give you an idea about whether the LED dance business would be really worth it for you.


The cost of a single performance

Number of dancers:
Dancer's salary:
How much you charge for one show:
Gross profit from one show: 1500

Initial cost

Hardware cost:
First performance costs:


How many shows you can perform during the year:

You'll start earning after: 8 performances
Gross profit per year: 18000


Simple example on how to use the calculator

It's quite easy to use and understand the calculator. However, here's one simple example:

Let's say you buy technology worth of 9000EUR and you spend 500 EUR for initial LED dance choreography. You would use 5 dancers and you have to pay them about 100 EUR for one performance. And let’s say you're able to charge 2000 EUR for one performance (we always let customer pay the travel cost, so this is not an issue here).

The result is quite clear- the bussiness will pay off the initial hardware cost after 8 performances. And later if you are able to do at least one show per month, you'll raise about 18000 EUR of gross profit per year.

Of course, there are few buts:

  • Are you able to sell 12 shows per year for 2000 EUR?
  • Are your dancers able to work with you for 100 EUR for longer time periods?
  • Do you need to pay any extra taxes (e.g. some countries require special tax for dancer's fees)?

But those are questions the entrepreneurs always have to answer themselves. This is just a tool to help you think before you actually spend any money.


So - is it worth it?

As I said at the beginning, for us the Tron Dance is very profitable, although we've spend most of the profit to improve our control system. Developing the software and hardware is probably the most expensive part of business. But you don't have to pay for that anymore - we solved it for you. And now you can benefit from our experience (of course, if you choose to use our control systems) and focus on looking for the clients and creating amazing LED dance shows. Good luck!

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