A young dancer who knows how to discover the world.

This blog will let you take a peek at how it feels to do Tron Dance performances worldwide, through the eyes of one of our dancers. 



                             Dancer: Tony                                                     Tron manager: Richie


R: Hi Tony, how are you today? My first question today is: how long have you been doing Tron Dance performances?

T: Hi Richie, I am fine thanks. I have started with Tron performances in 2012, so it´s been six years of Tron for me and my crew “The Pastels”. 

R: Nice, it’s been quite some time for you already. Can you remember how the first prototypes of the costumes that you dance with looked like? 

T: First costumes … yes, they were very different from what we have now (laughs). In my opinion they were nicer, in some respect. They were certainly easier to move in! But they also broke all the time, because they were textile based – not made of plastic parts like now. Oh, and I remember we always got really sweaty because the suits were these stuffy onesie-type overalls.



Picture 1 First prototypes of the suits (three of them just burned during rehearsals :) )


R: What, in your opinion, was your first success with Tron Dance show? 

T: At the beginning we had to try to find how we can introduce the whole concept of Tron Dance show, make it popular, you know? I think our first major success was with the performance for Red Bull. The video of this performance had over 1 000 000 views after just one week.  Another big push in popularity for our shows was the Czechoslovakia got Talent, where we placed second with our shows. It was great. We had to train hard for it, but in the end, we collected the fruits of our labor.



R: I see, so after this Talent competition, you started to have businesses outside of Slovakia? 

T: Yes, we have proved to the global agencies that our suits are reliable, and the clients can trust us with their important events, I think. And the business followed.

R: So, what was the most exciting event that you’ve done so far with Tron Dance Show?  

T: Hmm, let me think, for me the biggest experience was our show in Pakistan. We don’t travel to Asia very often, and this was such an eye-opening experience on how the people live and work in different countries, compared to back home – to Europe. I was surprised by the sheer amount of people, and by how many homeless or poor people there were around the streets. Also, there was sand in the air and such high humidity, that I had some problems with breathing. The event was perfect, though, I was very excited during the performance, when 15 000 people in the stadium started screaming with excitement as we started our performance. In my opinion they have never seen this type of performance before, to be honest, it’s not a very rich country. Pakistani people were very nice and easy going, all the time. 



R: Yes, I had similar feelings about our time there. So, do you have something exciting coming up in the future? 

T: Yes, I just finished my first solo song for YouTube, and I am preparing something very special soon! I just don’t want to speak about it right now, because I want it to be a surprise  




R: Ok then. We’ll be looking forward to it, then! Tony, thank you very much for taking the time to have this interview with me. 


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