Our TOP 5 Plans in 2018

We successfully passed 2017 and we are welcoming the new year 2018. 




What are the TOP 5 highlights that we’ve prepared for you? Let´s check them out! 


1) Women-only show!

We are very proud with our progress in making something unique, something that is missing from the global market so far! We have found a new dance crew with female-only dancers, and we are on the verge of finishing the costumes and choreographies especially for them. It’s going to be a combination of UV and LED technology. Both technologies will be synchronized with music to satisfy even the most demanding clients. I have check against all our global competitors, and I have to say, it will be amazing to do something truly special!


Picture 1. Tron Girls Costumes :)


2) New digital pixel costumes for Tron Dance

For those of our fans that aren’t quite sure what does ‘digital costume’ mean, here is a very short explanation: 

Our suits, the ones that we are using and selling, are analogue costumes. This means you can control 16 different parts and change color of each individual part. Digital suit, on the other hand, is one where you can control each pixel, so you are able to create much more complex shows, better visualizations, play video effects and, most important for the client, show a specific logo or image on the suit in a very simple way. We have already finished a concept of the suits, hardware necessary for controlling it, and the accompanying software (since in LSS you can create analogue or digital scenes). Right now, we are starting to make the main skeleton from plastic parts (important, especially if you want your costumes to be universal for different weights, heights, and genders). If you are interested better detail explanation check out this blog.


Picture 2. Example of Pixel Costume


3) Show with a singer in an amazing digital dress

YES, I know … I already wrote about two new dance shows, but that’s not all we have in store. Right now we are also planning a third type of event. This will be different compared to what we usually do. The idea is for a famous singer from Slovakia to wear a HUUUUGE dress made of digital pixels. During her stunning performance, two support dancers will accompany her on the stage. There is much more to it, of course, but I don´t want to reveal everything just now! :)




4) New website 

Because of the many innovations we have planned, with both costumes and brand new shows, we will also change the layout of our website. It will more complex, with tons of new information and features, so stay tuned! 


5) More videos

We feel that in the entertainment industry visualization is the most important part. After all, seeing is believing. To fulfil our clients’ requests, we are planning to make more videos, new tutorials, new choreographies, and special shows that we are currently preparing. 




Above all, in the year 2018 we aim to provide even better service and product range than ever before! 

We hope you are as excited for the year 2018 as we are. 

Do you have any ideas about what we should do next? Leave us a message in the comment section below!


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