Who are the clients who commission most of the shows?

This is a good question to consider; before I start thinking whether a Tron Dance project will be worth it for me, I need to understand who will likely be my customer.

So, what are our most usual events? 

  • Corporate events (project launch, advertisement, company anniversaries, etc.), 
  • Sports events and opening ceremonies
  • Private events (weddings, birthday parties).



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Private events

Let’s start small – our most basic private events are birthdays and weddings. I know there are many Indian and Egyptian groups that often do events in this segment. However, here in Europe there are hardly any companies that often do private events. We haven’t done a wedding in the last four years, and I don’t think I know any other LED groups that do them. Why? I think the main reason is culture. European weddings tend to be much smaller and more private.

Maybe there are other reasons, if you can think of any let us know in the comment section.   



When it comes to birthday parties we have a much better track record. We have done a few in the past year. There usually aren’t too many, but a few do happen. Usually clients are older people who celebrate their 40th, 50th or 60 th birthday and want a big showy celebration.  

I think the main reason we don’t see that many private events, is simply the money. These events are financed privately, and they can be quite costly for a single person. There just aren’t that many individuals that can afford private events as there are companies who have the money to afford corporate events.

In this video you can see private B-Day party, that we did in Vienna. 



Sports events 

These are my favourite events. They are usually very big, open air, and interesting projects to boot. Customization is very often in place. Making LED objects, build-in laser shows, LED screen programming, or special music for the client is all normal. Logistics, planning, and time required are all much higher than at a regular event. Advantages are that there are tons of people, who will see our show and it makes a lot of difference in the atmosphere. Plus, there is also a chance you will get to meet some famous athlete, as I did in Pakistan. For me it was Ronaldinho and it was super cool. Check our video in Trnava, where we opened new stadion! Would you like to read how to handle really big event? Check out this blog.



Corporate events

Corporate events are the most common type of event we do in terms of Tron performance. Usually, they are commissioned by event agencies, who organize the entire event on behalf of the certain company. They are professional event managers and they know exactly what they want, so communication is usually very good, schedule is well prepared, and know exactly what is expected. However, there is a small disadvantage to this method - the professional planners come with an extra charge, which makes the show even more expensive. It´s logical because, the event agencies need to take care of all the logistics, planning and it’s quite a time consuming process.  The statistic that we put together from our clients so far, say that 72,2% of all customers were commissioning us via event agencies or event planners. Would you like to fill up Tron Dance form for us? Here is the link

Picture 1 Our own statistic from the feedback that we got from the client


Corporate events can be focused on VIP/special guest, or they can be for all employees of a certain company or for a specific audience, at a conference or an exhibition. It is usual that corporate clients request a special logo or a set of letters that represent company initials or project/product name. 

In the video below, you can see new product launch for Red Bull implement in the choreography. Exactly in 1 minute of the song, one dancer is drinking Red Bull from the can.



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