How difficult is it to make a Tron Dance Show?

Many choreographers think that making a Tron Dance show is as easy as a walk in the park, but it’s not!

I have some experiences with external choreographers that rented our suits or bought them, while I went teach them how to program them, expect of everything else they need to know. (for example, how to put on the suits, how to pack them, how to connect them etc.)

Do you think a choreographer can manage to make a good show on their first try? Of course not!



Why? The difference in the expectations and experience.

Every choreographer has got plenty of experience with traditional choreographies – ones that are performed during day light. They may have been a dancer themselves in the past, they know exactly what’s the best and which movements look good and which don’t. 


Picture 1 Expectations Vs experience in tattoo industry


However, the Tron dance choreography works very differently compare to ‘traditional’ daytime dancing. You can’t see any small details, such as facial expressions, small nuanced motions and transitions, all that usually shows the difference between a professional dancer and an amateur. 

With LED suits you need to let your suits work for you. It means that sometimes less is more. Making simple motions work well with the light can be miles better than complex but ultimately boring technical movements. Are you interested in why Tron Dance show is better than a traditional show? Check this article.

How does a simple choreography look like? Check out video below.


 Tron Dance choreography danced by Harmen Zeiss grope 

Flexibility & LED suits limits

This is the TOP reason, why a choreographer with no previous experience (with LED suits) says ‘my dancers could do this 500% better’. What they don´t realize is that LED suits are made from plastic parts. This is mainly due to maintenance. On normal clothes LED strips break so fast it’s almost impossible to keep doing the shows if you need to change half the strips on the suits after one performance. That is the reason why they need to be on the plastic, so LED strips are not moving. Don´t believe us? Check out our FIRST public Tron Dance show. In this article, you can see our mistakes what we made during development today's suits


In the video you can see how LED strips are breaking (different color, sometimes don´t turn on as they should) on the textile clothes.


The only exception is el wire or fibre optic strips. They are flexible and they work a little bit different. If you want more about el wire suits, read this article. 


Picture 2 El wire suits


Timing and creating a ‘WoW’ factor is also one of the most difficult parts to master if you want a spectacular show!

Good choreography should start from slow movements to faster, from one dancer visible to multiple dancers visible, from simple light tricks to more complex – and, of course, the most important is a fabulous end so all guests will remember your performance at the very least till the end of the week :) .


What do you think? Is it easy to make a good choreography for Tron Dance Show? Let us know in the comment section. 

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