Making-of Tron Dance and Laser show from Karachi

Well, we had a lot of fun in Pakistan, and we’ve made a little “behind-the-scenes” video from backstage of the show.


Here is the video, which, I believe, will give you an insight into preparing a complete show (that includes Laser show, Tron dance & LED screens).
In this video we talk about: 

    • The concept idea - what was the prompt from the client? What did he except and what did he get.
    • Planning the laser show and Tron Dance show
    • Choosing the right music
    • Which laser software should we use?
    • Typical laser show problems
    • What makes a good laser show
    • How to make Tron Dance show
    • ... And even more 



What is so great about this “behind-the-scenes” video? You can see exactly how you can approach a big show. What are all the thing,s that you have to solve before each big event. What do you have to prepare and what do you have to know before flying to a country 5 000 kilometres far away from home – like we did.


Do you got any questions or are you interested to order such a big event like we did here? Don´t hesitate to write us email:  


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