October - month of Paris

October month of Paris 

We love Tron Dance shows and all the events that we do. This October was very unique. We travel worldwide with our shows, but this month we ended up in Paris three separate times in two weeks. 



Two of these events were planned few months in advance, so nothing unusual for us. The third event, however, was quite a surprise, because our client wrote to us on Friday afternoon and we were flying into Paris on Monday. Of course this is nothing unusual for us :).

Did we had any problems during events?

Generally, we didn’t have many problems during the events. All three events were very well planned from the client side, we had a schedule that was followed, drivers came on time and communication was very smooth. We had just one small technical problem during one of the events, because our main controller didn’t have the latest firmware and I couldn’t find the IP address at all. Luckily, we solved this problem in 15 minutes and client was very happy with us. They even gave us a perfect reference! What do you say? 


  ‘As expected, Tron Dance realized a great and impressive performance during the UNDIZ 10 year anniversary. All the guests were amazed by the show.

I didn’t hesitate to recommend it to the other clients we have at MCI France and I will work with them again for future events.’ Victoria Apicella – Project manager at MCI France


What I love about Paris, or France in general?

Food, no doubts about it. I have met many French people before in different countries, and everywhere they were, they always complained about the food. Quality wasn’t good enough for them. It seems strange to me then, because I thought the food was fine, but after these three events in Paris, I am starting to understand them. French food is just so delicious! 


Picture 1 Dinner time in Paris restaurant

The next thing I really liked were the hotels. I know this experience really depends on exactly where you stay. However, we picked fairly low budget hotels, one of them was just two-star and two were three-star, but they were all very clean and the service was excellent. If you compare this with places outside of Europe, you can find even four-star hotels that look worse. 


 Picture 2 Two stars hotel Vendôme in Paris 

What I didn’t like?

Well, for one the traffic was just terrible. I know Paris is the capital of France, and the traffic situation is generally awful in every big city, but still. It took us ages to get from one side of the city to another and this was nowhere near the morning or evening rush hour.

The other negative, for me, was the French English. I know, not everybody speaks English perfectly, but it’s very hard to communicate there if you are not in a hotel or another touristic place. French policy to me seems to be ‘you are in France, you must speak French :)’


Did anything special happen during the shows? 

 Yes, it did! We prepared a brand-new choreography for one of the clients. You can enjoy the video right now, right here :)




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