What to do over summer, if you don’t have many events planned?

Why is summer so special? 

Whether you like it or not, you have to admit summer has a special vibe. It’s the time of holidays, beaches, swimming in the sea, and spending long nights out with friends. This is also the reason why companies don’t usually have a lot of events. 



How does the summer look like for us? 

We still do have some shows even in the summer, because outside of Europe, summertime falls on different months of the year.  We did a big event in Pakistan, where we were also responsible for the laser show and LED screen programming. We had plenty of work there, and it took a lot of time for preparation and communication. If you would like to know more about Pakistan event, click here.



Picture 1 Pakistan Tron Dance show with lasers


Apart from this big event, we still continued renting and selling LED suits. For renting the summer is actually a season of higher demand, compared to other months. This is because in summer lot of people do projects or small events, where they want to use the LED suits. For instance, this summer we did rent for Holland TV dance show called ‘Dance, Dance, Dance’. They requested a performance with 14 of our suits, where a Dutch celebrity Marnix danced with a LED dance crew.

Picture 2 Marnix show danced with 14 dancers in the Dutch Show called "Dance Dance Dance"

Costume selling is also on the rise during the summer months. In my opinion, it’s because people are preparing for upcoming event season in fall, trying to find new and fresh ideas to improve their shows. Do you want more, why our suits are so demand? check our article here.


But even in between the big international events and smaller local suit rentals, we weren’t idle. We got thinking about what our customers may like, what else can we bring to the market – and that’s how we came up with a super new project. We’re preparing it for you right now, it’s coming soon and it’s BIG!


 Picture 3 Our BRAND - NEW project Tron Girls !!!


You tried all of these ideas, but you’re still coming up empty? Have some more free time to spare? Well, there is always the option of writing a blog or two in advance – so, when the busy season hits, you can still keep your followers updated, while saving some more time for the events :)


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