TOP 5 customization for the client

 What could be some of the client requests?

  • Customized choreography,
  • LED screen customization,
  • Product lunch in the choreography,
  • Synchronization with a laser
  • LED objects


Customized choreography  

If the client is looking for special choreography, we need to receive their song of choice at the first. The client should also write what kind of colors they are expecting so that we can fit the desired theme of the event. We also need to know if there is any special logo or slogan that we need to create during the choreography.

We always send the new song to the choreographer with detail description of the requirements that the choreographer needs to fulfill. Good choreographer needs to create a good looking choreography to fit the dark conditions that we use for our shows, and have a vision for what kind of tricks are best to use in this kind of show. 

Dancers need to take extra rehearsal lessons to learn the new choreography. Once they already learned it, we need to bring them all suits and do rehearsals with the equipment to make sure that everything looks good. Note that simply changing into the suits for 7 people (average dance crew) can take 1 hour 15 minutes. 

Sometimes, the customer requests to learn some parts of the choreography and then dance with the dance crew. In this case, we need some extra time for creating instructions. 


Example of customized choreography provided by our dancers :)


LED screen customization

Some of the clients want synchronization with the LED screen. What does this mean in terms of organization? Essentially, it means that at first, we need to rent a room, where you can start filming the dancers. All dancers need to put on the costumes and do rehearsals with them. After this professional cameraman will record the choreography. When the cameraman is happy with the result, post-production takes place. They need to render specific size and quality of the video depending on the client's order for the main event. Once all of this is ready, we need to synchronize timecodes at the venue and everything is ready for show. Do you want to read more? Check another article from us.


Picture 1 Slovak presidency in EU with LED suit synchronization




Lunch of a new product 

Including your product in the choreography – this part is very specific and depends entirely on what product the client wants to launch. Sometimes we simply need to add an additional sound to the choreography or do a specific movement, sometimes we need to put LED strips onto a prop and make a special object. Very popular request is to make letters of a brand. We don't charge any additional costs for this. Our new model of car launching in Zurich you can find here. 

Synchronization with the lasers

With this customization you have got two options. First is to put lasers into the background of the dance. In this case colors of the laser and suits should be the same. Another option is to dance into the lasers. For this they need to be fixed onto the ceiling on the top of the stage, or on other similar high point. In this case all dancers need to practice with the lasers, plus they need special safety glasses to protect their eyes. If they didn't have these, they could go blind from the laser exposure. Do you like this option? We wrote much more over here.


Picture 2 Tron Dance Show with laser synchronization in Austria


LED decorations 

Sometimes clients are looking for a specific LED object. For example, one time we made tennis rackets, motorbike helmets, football, or our most successful yet, a LED Camaro. For this customization, we need the object from the client, or we can buy it for an additional charge. Our technician will do LED installations onto the object in-house and Tron Dance team will bring it to the event. Another option, if the object is too big, is that we bring the technician to the event and they will do the installation there.


Picture 3 Tron Dance Show with simple LED decoration for Volvo 


Did this article help you? If not, what kind of different customization did you have in mind? Share it with us in the comment section.  


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