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Hello to all Tron Dancers!

I have received many emails where people ask me about renting our Tron Dance suits. I am always very happy for each email, but since many of you have the same doubts, I thought I would put together this article to help you out. 



 So, what can you expect from Tron Dance suit rental?

- professional Tron Dance suits,

- Additional parts/extra costumes,

- Technician to help you operate and service the suits,

- Delivery of the suits to your selected location by our technician,

- Help with programming of the show

- Help with putting on the Tron Dance suits,

- Help with the running of the show,

- Handling of the packing and transport preparation for the suits.




What do you need for your own show? 

- Darkroom

- Vision for a new Tron Dance choreography,

- Quality sound system,

- Time for programming the show

Planning and preparations

After receiving an email with your order it’s always good for us to know what exactly is the event that you’re planning. Additional information such as how many guests are going to be attending the event, what is the purpose of the suit rental etc. It’s possible that the account manager will have some additional ideas which can be implemented to the final show, or offer a review of your project plan to spot any ideas that might be difficult to execute. The client needs to know how many suits they are interested in and also what kind of music they want for the show. The client needs to keep in mind that for Tron Dance show we need the location to be as dark as possible... The suits are unisex the minimum high requirement is 150 cm, the maximum is 210 cm. It’s quite a big range that should fit the majority of people. 


Picture 1 LED Suits used for football opening ceremony 

How does a real rental look like? 

The main technician will come to the event with all the ordered suits, it’s important to check the room where the show will be, and meet all dancers and the choreographer. Choreographer should provide the detailed explanation of the show tell the technician where will the dancers enter the stage, and what will they do. After this, the technician can start programming the Tron Dance show. Sometimes people don’t realize that approximately 3 minutes of show time can take 8 to12 hours of programming (depends on how many dancers there are in a show and how complex are the LED effects on the suits themselves). At this stage, only the choreographer is needed.

Later on, once the show is ready, the technician can start suiting up the dancers. For five dancers this can take up to an hour. It’s because dancers don’t usually have any experience with the equipment and the technician, therefore needs to handle everything. The clients should know that their dancers should all come with solid black clothes to be worn underneath the Tron Dance suit.

After the first rehearsal there are usually some small changes and adjustments to the effects on the LED suits, then there is one more rehearsal just to make sure everything is in order. 

When all is ready and the choreographer is satisfied with the rehearsal, the dancers can take off the suits and all is ready for the show.  


Picture 2 Our suits during the clients show

Choreographer – an important role

There is quite a big difference between traditional dance shows and the Tron Dance show. If you would like to know more here is the article. For choreographer with no experience with this type of shows, it can be hard to produce a quality performance. For Tron Dance choreographies, you can’t see many of the details in the dance. Would you like to know what are disadvantages of Tron Dance Show?  It’s therefore better to choreograph bigger elements, such as jumps, body rotations etc., making use of the ‘lighting magic of the suit’ and playing around with those effects. A good choreographic element, for example, is when the dancers are gradually ‘revealed’ when their suits light up in a succession and they appear from the darkness. 




How many days are needed for a complete show? 

Well, this is a difficult question, as it depends on what kind of show you want. The length of the show, the complexity of the choreography, and the number of dancers all play a part. But to provide you with a rough guide, a regular length song with a medium difficulty of choreography and 7 dancers will have the following itinerary:

1st day – technician arrives at the location, they usually check the stage and the clients need to provide all the show details.

2nd day – programming the show. The show usually takes at least one full day of programming.

3rd day – the first rehearsal. Dancers try out the choreography with the suits, some changes in the programming are made as needed.

4th day – another rehearsal, the final show (in front of the live audience or filmed by a camera crew), packing up all the suits and equipment.

5th day – travel back (if the location is far away from our headquarters).


Note: This is just an example of how the rent may look like. There are many things that can change the number of days needed to provide the final show. 


Are you interested in renting our Tron Dance suits? Have you got any more questions about the process? Don’t hesitate to contact us by phone or e-mail! We are always happy to answer all your questions. 


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