TOP 5 disadvantages of Tron Dance Show

Because everything has got pros and cons and I don´t like write just one-sided thinks, I would like to share with you also disadvantages of Tron Dance Show. 

Here are our TOP 5 disadvantages: 

1) Maintenance – LED suits are just harder for maintenance compare to traditional clothes. It´s because you got additional cables, LED strips, batteries, receivers, main controller.


Picture 1. LED costumes 

2) Show problems – if you see what I just wrote up here, you realise that our suits are quite complicated. Many things can be just changed but you need some experience to figure out what is not working and how to fix it. 

Things that can go wrong (depends on control system) :

- Bad IP settings,  

- Automatic IP in your PC settings, 

- Receivers are not paired with the main controller,

- Main sender is too far from dancer receiver, 

- Battery safety fuse can be destroyed (It’s basically pro, because fuse will save your battery  and dancer health :) ),

- Connected bad number on the cables to bad suit parts (it will be working, just colour can be different - depends on show programming)

- Cables can be broken inside, 

- Connectors are broken due force pulling,

- Cables are not pushed properly to the receiver.

3) Signal jammers – It´s happened to us, that in some events where is plenty of electronic can have some signal jammers. This is why we go through DMX signal and not standard Wi-fi. This is helping in 98% of events but it can happen.  

4) Another colour – Our suits are from 16 different parts. Every part has got own connector. If inside the connector is just 1 contact in the wrong position you can´t see white colour (white colour is a mix of red, green and blue). Also, cable can be broken and you still can´t see white colour.


Picture 2. Example of broken cable or wrong contact 

5) First investment – If you want to do a quality professionals show, first investment is quite big. It also depends, if you are able to manufacture your own suits or you want buy them from the distributor, as we are.  

One more bonus reason

Technological updates – You can´t expect same profit after years, if you don´t update your products. Innovation, especially in the technological segment is always long-distance race. After few years you will need to update your products. In our segment, it came from el wire to analog LEDs, and from them to digital LEDs. If you want to do high-end shows, you need to have TOP technology which is available on the market. 


Are those reasons big enough to not buy LED Suits? Let us know in comments section. Do you think it´s existing another problem? Share it with us! 


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