Top 5 Best Tron Dance Events

 Our article continues with Top 5 Tron Dance best events.

Number 3: Slovak Presidency in EU

Personally, this was the greatest combination of LED screens and Tron Dance performance. This event consisted of 2 main parts – preparation / programming and the live show. 


Firstly, we needed to prepare pictures for LED screen. The meaning was this: fit up the LED suits on dancers and take pictures by a photograph in different positions and from different angles. After that post production worked on and created beautiful Slovak flag just from the dancers.

Picture 1. Slovak flag made by Tron Dancers

Because we are interested in high-quality finish, we also changed our standard music and add there some Slovak national instruments.

For example:

- Traditional violin,

- Flute,

- Whistle.

We also needed to try how we would launch our “Slovak presidency logo”. This was made from three parts (it was actually a huge smile) and we had to drop them down from the roof with ropes. 

Picture 2. Slovak presidency logo dropped by ropes from the roof

This was the scary part because they could easily fall down, but we manage to do it with extra security ropes. Lasers for this event were also a “must have” choice. We used eight of them. 

Live show:

The second part was LIVE event. It put the pressure on the whole team – we were being watched by every Slovak and EU eye. It was our first EU presidency and everybody was excited what we are going to do. Opening ceremony was taped by seven TV channels and also it was available to watch on the Internet, too. Normally, we are trying very hard to do the perfect show, but this time it had to be brilliant, so we could please our client and audience. When we executed the show, it all turned out perfectly well. 


Number 2: Trnava Stadium show

 Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to our biggest event what we have ever done. We had 23 LED dancers, 24 lasers (20 of them 30 W, 4 of them 4 W, LED screen, 3 LED balls and 1 LED football (in real size).

For this kind of staff, we needed to create football ball, which was an exciting experiment. You can read more in the following blog. 

Picture 3. Trnava opening ceremony 

An advantage of this work was the location. It was placed in Slovakia, our company’s homeland, so we didn´t have any communication, cultural or transport problems. We were able to install all lasers, where they should be with simplicity; program LED screens and set up all dance positions without any complications. 

Because it was a full-sized football stadium, we need to put antennas, which amplified the signal around the stadium for better DMX.

The event was broadcast live on TV, so everything needed to be perfectly done. If you watched a video you could see we were going through another successful event. 

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Number 1: Karachi – Pakistan Ronaldinho Opening ceremony

If you are interested in size and only size matters to you, you should be proud on our biggest event out of the European Union. We used 14 dancers, 18 lasers (14 of them 30 W, 4 of them 4 W plus programmed LED screens).

Picture 4. Opening ceremony for Ronaldinho & Friends in Karachi - Pakistan 

Welcome to opening ceremony for Ronaldinho & Friends in Karachi! This event was unique due to the fact that there’s never been anything similar in Pakistan before. We spent whole 3 days installing all of the lasers, setting them to synchronize with our Tron Dance show and LED screens. The preparation took longer than it should, because it rained every night (yes we worked at evening/night). That’s why we needed to cover / uncover lasers many times. Speakers and dancers came one day before the actual event, so we could do rehearsals. The big problem was there were no installed LED screens, so we couldn’t do general rehearsals with everything. Finally, we played live stream on our show and people loved it.

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