The Trip To Pakistan

The Trip To Pakistan 

After hours and hours spent on the phone, finally, a car came to pick us up and it was time to go to Budapest (Hungary) International Airport. It was a long journey – 2 hours in the car, 14 hours of flight time, with 8 hours of layover in Dubai Airport. When we finally arrived in Pakistan, the airport crew was waiting for us. We had a VIP access, so we got some assistants who took care of all the administration at the airport.
Picture 1. 24 hours of travelling :)
We checked in to the hotel and then went directly for a stadium visit. Since the lasers were still at the airport we couldn’t get much work done, but it was good to see the site. The next evening, we could finally start work, as the lasers finally got delivered. Yes, we worked during the night!
This was for 2 very good reasons:

1. Pakistan is really hot during the day.

2. We work with lasers, so we need the dark to set them up. Since this was an open air event, the only chance we got was during the night.

We worked every night for three days and it rained every single day (the joys of open air events :D ), so it was necessary to have all covers just next to the lasers. Unfortunately, they are not water resistant. The dancers, all 14 of them, arrived a day before the event and did full rehearsals. We couldn’t do a full rehearsal because the LED screen was still not installed, but the rest was all in order. Everything seemed good to go for the show and we were ready to roll. 


 Picture 2. Lasers & Sky

Day D

At last, it came. Day D, the day of the Big Event. We were ready. Sadly, we couldn’t do a full rehearsal with LED screens, but the Tron Dance Show and Laser Show were ready. We arrived at the venue around 4 o’clock. We needed to pass few military stops where we had a small issue with our “organizer IDs”.

That is to say, we didn’t have any, and so it all got a bit complicated. I realized later that it was my fault, since I didn’t send the pictures for the IDs, but nobody actually asked before so I didn’t know.

Fortunately, the organizers got one of Pakistani locals to help our passing threw military stops. After connection, all 14 dancers in the changing room we were waiting in the main hall for our time.


 Picture 3. Waiting for the Stars

Ronaldinho with other football stars were late what was good for us. I was afraid at 8 pm will be not enough dark. We actually did our performance at 9 pm and all went good as It should. Everybody were so happy with our Laser and also Tron Dance show. It was a good feeling to have done such a big event where I hold majority of responsibility. 


Picture 4. Our Security during transport Hotel - Stadion 


Event was supposed to start at 8 pm, and at 6 pm we still didn’t have any electricity. Even our lasers, which were on the rooftops behind the stadium, all showed system shut down, because the electricity was off in the whole area. We couldn’t do anything about it. Some things you just cannot change. 

It was quite stressful since you can’t do any tests without power. The television crew also only arrived on the site at the day of the event, thus we didn’t get much time to discuss who will give us the feed for the main console, and how we should send our signal back to them. In the end, we had to do it the old-fashioned way. We just started up the lasers, the LED screens, and the Tron dance at the same time, by pushing the start button. 

What was the hardest part? 

For me, this was definitely the communication with the Pakistani. Our culture in Europe is so much different compared to Pakistan. Time there is much slower. Everybody has plenty of time, no one is bothered if something is late or if things aren’t delivered like it was agreed. This was a bit of a problem, especially when we needed the electricity for our lasers (yes without it, they just don´t work :) )

Best experience? 

The picture I got to take with Ronaldinho in his changing room, and of course, the live Tron Dance performance which was just glorious. If you don´t believe me check it out :P


Picture 5. Me with the Ronaldinho 

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