One show, one technician, five girls, foreign country. How does Patrik manage it all?

Last week we had a show in Lille, and our technician Patrik went there with five female dancers


Here is the interview about his story:

R= Richie                                                                          P= Patrik

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Before the travel 

R: Hi Patrik, how are you? What´s up? I heard that you did an event with five female dancers, that sounds great. I’m sure you enjoyed it a lot, did you not?
P: Hello, I am fine thank you. Yes, I enjoed it a lot. I am gonna tell you now :)
R: Would you mind telling us a bit more about your experience? 
P: Sure, I am working for Showtacle for 2 years right now. My main job is to be a technician and second part of my job is Tron Dance support on the shows.
R: Nice, Where was your performance located?
P: This performance was in Lille, so at first we had to travel to Paris, from there we got a train and 2 hours later, we reached our final destination.
R: Great, so you haven’t had any problems with the travel, am I right?
P: Well, we actually had some problems during the travel. As we left the plane and headed to the train station, security stopped me in front of the entrance. They wanted to know what was in suitcases. I think, I looked suspicious with the two big, full suitcases, since I was alone at the time – the girls were a bit behind me, so the security couldn’t see them. The problem was, just as they stopped me I realized I lost my ID. Fortunately I was able to resolve it. After explaining the situation to them, I went to ask for assistance at the helpdesk. I told them that I left my ID in the plane and they were able to bring it to me.
Meanwhile, the train we had bought tickets for was leaving, so the girls got that one and I had to wait for the next one.
R: I am glad, that you found your ID. I can´t imagine your situation, when you realised you are in France with no ID.
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We are Bienvenue Tron Girls


R:Tell me about how you reacted when you first heard that you are going alone with five girls? 
P: To be honest, it wasn’t a huge deal for me. Personally, it doesn’t matter, whether I go with five girls or five boys. Most important is that the performance finishes without problems.
R: You are right. That is the most important. So, did you have any problem with accommodation? You know, it´s pretty usual to have double rooms at the hotel ?.
P: No, accommodation wasn´t a big deal. We said this to the clients before the show and I had a separate room, so nothing spicy happened, if that’s what you mean :P
R: Haha, you said it, not me :) Did you find anything special about this performance, you know, we usually go either with only boys or mix of genders. This was the first time someone requested a girls-only dance group.
P: You are right. This was our 1st performance done only with girls. I liked that we were able to customize parts of the dance, put in some sexy movements that only the girl dancers can do. On the personal side of things, maybe I’d say that the topics that you talk about with girls are different compared with the boys. With guys, we can talk about other girls, and with the girls well, I am not gonna talk about other attractive boys :) 
R: Did you have any problems during this event, except your travel issue?
P: Yes, we had another small one. The main director of the event wanted to go, on the stage with our LED suits. Normally they take the middle part of the suit and that´s it. But, she wanted all suit parts, and we almost didn´t make it for the rehearsal :). The rest of the show was fine. We went on the stage around 8 o’clock and all went well. Everybody was glowing, event manager was very happy about us, and I could mark down another successful event.
R: Time is not easy to manage, that´s true. Could you see any difference between the dancing with five boys vs five girls?
P: Except from the parts that I already told you about, maybe I just missed the break dance in the performance, which boys offer. Apart from this, nothing really.
R: Ok, my last question. If you could say just one final sentence about the show in Lile, what would it be?
P: I would say, thank you very much for this event, I am so happy everything went well, and next time I will be sure to be more careful about my ID :D

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