Customization, made to fit - just for you!

So, what we came up with?

Many of our clients are asking us if we are able to promote their logo, so everybody could see it during performance. And now is the question, How we can do with it?

We figured that during our performance instead of chest part (I know this part is cool indeed but what we can do) we can put a company logo of our clients (in the picture you can see our logo- but in its place there could be yours)! What do you think? Do you like how it looks? Check out the picture below:


Chest part of Tron Dance Suit (this is real view how will look like Your logo)

This new chest part will be glowing with same colors (or different ones it´s up to you, really) as the rest of the costumes. It’s fully synchronized with our show.

Still not enough for you?

Here in Tron Dance we are ready to make anything possible for our clients. Actually it is the main motto of company – Everything’s possible! We can create customization of any kind of objects, we can make it glow in the dark and dancers can interact with it during the performance. It’s super easy, just let us know what you want to promote and we will do all it takes to make your ideas a reality. Hard to imagine? Watch this video of the new Volvo car upgraded by us for the Tron Dance performance, or see the other pictures below:


Few examples how can Your customization looks like

Why should you want something like this?

  • Better focus on your products – dancers of The Pastels can concentrate on your product and use it during all of the performance. What are the advantages? All eyes will be always exactly where you want them - on your merchandise.
  • It’s a whole new way to do promotion – Are you as tired of the old boring commercials as everybody in the 21st century? Tron Dance show is an advert that everyone will love!
  • It’s an extraordinary experience – How many of your clients could have already seen something like this?
  • You attract new potential customers to your products. How? We are sure that almost everybody will take a picture or record a video during the Tron Dance Performance, and they will definitely share all of this on Facebook, Tweeter or show their friends in person. If that isn’t the easiest and most effective advertising you can dream up, well, we don’t know what is.


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