Why do you need at least 5 dancers on stage for a Tron Dance?

We decided to write this article due a lot of our clients asking us if they can order a show with under 5 dancers. Of course we would like to customize our show for every clients as they wish, but we don´t want to sell crap also. 

So............ Is it really that important to have at least 5 dancers? The answer is definitely yes!

Tron Dance 3

Let’s just name a few reasons...

  • Filling up the stage – If we’re talking bigger events and stage with standard size, then less than 5 dancers is just too little to fill it up.
  • The ‘wow’ effect – this is the main reason why Tron Dance shouldn’t be more than 2 songs in a row. Our performance is something that is not on the market for a very long time so far and synchronized with professional music system it´s just incredible experience- however, taking away dancers or making the performance to be too long takes away from the novelty of the experience.
  • Looking good – If our Tron Dance performance was under 5 dancers it would look poor and cheap. That is reason why we recommend 7 dancers in our standard show. 5 is just minimum to create something unique.
  • Bringing the viewers into the story – All of our shows have some story behind them that are only possible with a bigger group. On stage we use a combination of darkness and glow so sometimes we can confuse your mind to not recognize how many dancers there are.

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