Richie´s first experience with Tron Dance Shows

My first experience with Tron Dance Shows


That's it. I have done my first Tron Dance Show as a newbie technician in our company. What was my experience? Well, it was really awesome. Sure, there were few stressful moments but in the end it was a lot of fun.


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My journey started in Bratislava where we, that is myself and the Tron Dance crew – The Pastels, traveled to Salzburg. After a 4-hour car drive we finally reached our destination. We had a lunch and then went to rehearsal. My job was to prepare the computer and connect it to DMX. The LSS software connected correctly, so all was going well for me :)

Next step was to connect the equipment for all the members of the dance crew, back in the changing room where they were getting ready. It took me quite a long time, an hour and 15 minutes to be precise, on that first try since I had to connect up all 7 dancers. Before I had a chance to finish, our client had called me saying that we were supposed to be on stage in five minutes …. it took us twenty, but it didn’t really matter since this was just a rehearsal. I needed to turn on all the equipment and actually see if everybody was well connected and that their suits were glowing in the dark. Luckily, they all did! The rest was up to the dancers. We did the first show and all the staff in the hall that was doing catering for the event stopped working and stared at the performance. After the first song everybody loved it, even though The Pastels didn't dance 100% just tranquillo (they took it easy- in Spanish :) ). In the next few moments they were discussing all the dance details that could be better. After 3 easy practice runs our client asked us if we can do it one more time, 100% this time, because the main sponsor came. He loved it just like everybody else and we were ready for the show the next day.


Day D!


This is why we came to Salszburg! The show had an one hour delay but it was not a big deal for us. It gave us more time for preparation. We couldn't do any rehearsals that day, but we didn't need them. I was quite surprised I wasn't as stressed as I expected. There was really nothing more for me to do. We checked all the suits to see if all the LEDs are working and glowing like they should, the technician double checked whether the music is good and DMX and LSS showed me “all connected” so we were ready to roll! :)

With one press of a button the show started. There were around 1000 people in the hall and everybody was recording the performance on video. Everybody loved it. After the dancers finished the entire hall was applauding and standing up cheering. Great show. I disconnected all the dancers, we put all the parts back to their suitcases and loaded the car. The show was a success, and we could head back home.


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 Did anything go badly?


 Just a few minor things, but overall it was nothing really. The LED suits, just like everything else, also wear with use. After the rehearsal we had to exchange 2 parts (arm and shoulder) because they didn't show the colors correctly. On the day of the performance we had a problem with some cables that were all good the day before. Changing them would have taken like 15 minutes and we needed to go on stage right away. All in all, it went really smoothly. 


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Now what about the good parts?


There were definitely many good experiences for me. Our client was very nice and everything was well organized. There were no problems with accommodation, food, parking card, or any of the information that we could need. Everything went nice and easy. Also, The Pastels crew are real professionals when it comes to dancing and so I didn't need to worry about their performance on the stage – after all it is their performance that makes Tron Dance so unique. And what's great is that they can also take things easy which is what makes the job fun.

At the end of this trip I can say that I was really happy to have been there, organization was good, the show went well, the people were excited and we didn’t run into any major problems. Not bad for my first time! 

I am curious what will the next show bring :)


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