Bratislava White Night

Since we do quite a lot of installations, we’ve installed our “LED Sun” at the top of one bar entrance. It’s about 4m high and 6m wide strange-shaped LED screen, which can display different kind of animations, videos or texts. It’s quite a nice representation of the LED Strip Studio brand.

Since our Tron Dance is not so well known in Bratislava, we’ve sent our dancers to the streets to promote our Tron Dance brand, and I think, we were successful.

We’ve improved our LED suits a bit for this event. Quite often we receive a request from our customers to display their logo at the end of the show, so we get idea how to do it. Since our standard dance costumes are able to just change colors of 16 separate parts of the body, it’s almost impossible to do that using them. But we came with an idea to replace the breast part of the costume with Superman-like sign.


The nice thing is, we can change the logo of the sign to any, that our client needs for. I’m sure it will be quite nice addition to the dance shows. As you can check on following photos, the logo is visible everywhere. And well – as you can see, it makes people smile. Especially the smallest ones :).

This night we’ve had a lot of fun and even dressed two of our technicians into our suits for the first time. And well, people love the suits even if it’s carried by guys that are not the sexiest ones :). In the end of this trip we got rid of all the business cards we’ve printed.


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