How can LED screen and lasers improve Tron Dance performance?

Slovakia will take presidency over EU council in 2016, naturally this occasion needed a grand announcement ceremony - and we were there. As usual, we made a Tron dance show for this occasion – but this time we also used LED screen and laser devices, for greater entertainment.

If you can’t wait and just have to see this performance, here is the video:

Think about LED screen and Tron Dance

As I told you before, and as you can see in the video, we were using laser and LED wall as a background for seven dancers. LED wall is great for creating multiplicity effects and you can play around with the part of a dancer in space separately. You can create special effects, as well, something that you can’t do with just one dancer (we’re still not wizards, sadly).

More authenticity in each beat!

The interesting part is that we’d prepared video that was on the LED screen a week ago. And then re-programed an old Red Bull show. The music was mixed to contain a typical Slovak musical element, for more authenticity.

Give me lasers!

Lasers are a great think, if you know how and when to use them. In this case the laser designer used Fiesta control hardware which can control more lasers and create sophisticated effects. You can read more about Fiesta control software here!

Create laser show? Think about safety!

Safety of the dancers as well the audience. You can’t just fire lasers onto the audience, you can only aim for spots where there is no one. We were lucky in terms of space, the theater building where the performance took place had about a meter of empty space between each level – so we had plenty of space for the effects without having to worry about the safety of the people in audience. As I said, you can see all of this in the final video.


If you want a really great show, you have to have enough time for preparation. You can combine standard LED show with many other effects, such as lasers or LED screens. Everything you need is contact us, because we have many really crazy ideas how to improve every event!!!

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