Yamaha dark side performance

Just few words for a start so you all know what this show was about. This year we took part in the Yamaha presentation in Milan. We became a part of propagation of their campaign called ‘Dark Side of Japan’. And it was this theme we had in mind while picking the music and creating the choreography for a dance we later carried out – all in colors of this project.


Each of our performances contains two basic elements – first is the dance presented with light effects and the second is music. The choice of music is just as important as the LED dance routine. Without good music there is a low chance of creating good show. And for this particular project we have met with music that was rather non-sync and difficult to present. But we decided to take on the challenge and I think the results are definitely worth the struggle.

Client dictates a lot of aspects of the product presentations and you have to take in account their wishes and make some concessions. However, this shouldn’t bring you down, because you can work with almost any kind of music, you just have to find the right way.

Creating the motorcycle helmets

Since we were making a performance for Yamaha, we decided not to use our standard helmets, but instead we chose to make new ones. We placed LED strips onto motorcycle helmets, see picture. This way we had thematic helmets that gave a rather nice finish to the whole biker concept of the show.

The strips were placed along the edges of the visor. Two strips were then placed on the visor as a sort of “eyes”. We fixed the strips with nutrunner, making use of the pre-made holes on the helmet. We placed the standard 4 pin connector at the end of the strips – the one we normally use for all the other parts of the LED suit.

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