Volvo Art Session

We’ve been contacted by one company, which handles the complete Volvo Art Session event in Zurich (Switzerland). The goal of the event was to introduce beautiful new Volvo XC90. That’s why the car itself had to be the center of our LED dance performance. That’s why the customer decided to cover also the car with LED strips. How the show looked like in the end? See yourself:

The event company asked us to install LED strips also on the Volvo car. Since we do a lot of LED strip installations for TVs, it was not a problem. The real challenge was to make the car shine when we need it, so it becomes an actual part of the dance show.

To fulfil this task, we’ve improved our main Tron Dance Ethernet controller. Now the controller provides also integrated DMX output.

outdoor main ethernet controller 
Latest Tron Dance controller with DMX output

It allows to control the dancers over wireless DMX and it also allows us to control DMX controlled analog LED strips. This is the simple scheme, how it was all connected:

outdoor main ethernet controller 
Complete Volvo Art Session installation

Thanks to that, we were able to control the car directly from the very same timeline as the dancers. That really allows precise synchronization of the dance and the light scene effects, like shining car.

outdoor main ethernet controller 
The car color has been controlled from LED Strip Studio software timeline

All this allows us to include almost any object into the dance show performance. The LED strips are quite easy to install and they can be bent, so we can cover almost any surface.

outdoor main ethernet controller 
Extreme usage of LED strip – video car

And the control system allows us to synchronize the color of these scene objects with the music and color of the dancers. I’m sure we’ll use this feature in the future too, because it allows us to present customer’s product in a very original and amazing way.

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