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12 June 2019, 708 hits

New Webpage

Hello Tron Fans! Here you can read information about our new webpage that we have been preparing for you.

Tron Dance Shows
18 February 2018, 1633 hits

Why do so many Tron Dance Groups copy our work?

What do you say, when you realise other people take credits for your work? We have found few examples of the thieves that just copy our web pages, choreographies and music. 

Tron Dance Shows
05 February 2018, 1469 hits

Our TOP 5 Plans in 2018

We successfully passed 2017 and we are welcoming the new year 2018. 

What are the TOP 5 highlights that we’ve prepared for you? Let´s check them out in our blog! 

Tron Dance Shows
21 January 2018, 1371 hits

Who are the clients who commission most of the shows?

This is a good question to consider; before I start thinking whether a Tron Dance project will be worth it for me, I need to understand who will likely be my custom. Do you know it already? This article will help ypu with that.

Tron Dance Shows
03 January 2018, 1809 hits

How difficult is it to make a Tron Dance Show?

Many choreographers think that making a Tron Dance show is as easy as a walk in the park, but it’s not! I have some experiences with external choreographers that rented our suits or bought them, while I went teach them how to program them, expect of everything else they need to know. (for example, how to put on the suits, how to pack them, how to connect them etc.)

Tron Dance Shows
20 December 2017, 1686 hits

Making-of Tron Dance and Laser show from Karachi

Are you planning to do big events, but you are not sure how is it going? You are on the right place! We made video for you where you can see all aspects of big events, and what you need to prepare for.

Tron Dance Shows
10 December 2017, 1293 hits

October - month of Paris

 How big is a coincidence that in two weeks you are gonna to do three shows in Paris? Very small but anyway we did it! Do you like to read about our experience? Check out our artickle.

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