Got Talent audition - first test of new LED suits version 2

First tests of new LED suits


We’ve tested the suits and we were really happy about the quality. We just found one problem. It took terribly long time to suit up the dancers. We spent more than one hour dressing up the first girl! The problem was the numbering and grouping the cables. We spent longest time searching for the right cable for each of the plastic shell parts. 


Dorothy from Moving Lights was the first beta-tester of
new LED costume at our headquarters




The new LED costume was shining like crazy
on full white color at 100% brightness


We did several more tests with the girl in new LED costume. She could move without any problem, so that was great. We also tested the battery life. On full white color the suit was running for 21 minutes. Much more than we expected! Guys finished the remaining suits till the first training next day.



First Training


But after we stick numbers to each of the cables, it was a lot easier to dress up the dancers. After this training we were able to dress one dancer in about 15 minutes. Still not as perfect as suit version 1, but it was acceptable.

The training was good, we preprogrammed the show with one choreographer in less than 2 hours. LED Strip Studio got improved a lot since the last shows, it was really easy to create the light-suit scenes and create show using them.


 Noe from Moving Lights in the LED costume

Noe from Moving Ligths after dressing


The Audition


In the morning we went to Brno (Czech Republic) for our first audition. It was quit stressing, especially for me. I still remember the v1 suit disaster and I really didn't want to go through the same issues again. We did one more training on spot, before the auditions started. Everything worked just great. The dancers were young, they listened to all our requests. It was really great to work with them. We went to stage almost last, almost at midnight. And how was it? Well it was great of course :).


Our first show in new LED costumes - we advanced to Got Talent's semifinals


What I like about the show, it's the good synchronization to the music. Also the girls just look better to me - how they move, it's more interesting for men. The jury was amazed, we got 3x yeses immediately. And I really liked the music too. The choreographers really know good music and how to mix it ...

We still found a few little details to solve though. It took quite long time to dress the dancers. The wiring was not perfect, all the dancers looked a bit like Quasimodo :) - because of the hip they had on their electronics. It really didn’t look good on young dancers. It was because the cable end was connected to fuse and all 16 fuses were quite big. Also the girls had the suit receiver below the suit itself. It was heating quite a lot and they didn't like that very much. Also the wiring on the plastic shells was quite sensitive to break.

Anyway I finally felt confident about the technology. And yes, I finally felt this could really work. We could not only do our shows, we could provide the suits and complete Tron Dance system to sell.



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