LED Costumes
15 September 2014, 2597 hits

How to remain calm before the show starts?

Last few seconds before the show starts. It’s probably the most stressing moment of technician’s life. Especially if you’re not certain about the equipment you use.

LED Costumes
27 July 2014, 13180 hits

Software for light dance performance

To be honest, when we started to develop LED Strip Studio (LSS), we didn't know, it'll be ever used for dance performances. LSS was created to control video and standard analog led strips and we use it for almost all our TV studio installations.

LED Costumes
10 July 2014, 12966 hits

LED Dance shows - hardware controllers

Tron dance shows hardware controllers usually use DMX protocol to be controlled. In this article we’ll show you all required hardware parts you need to produce Tron Dance System.

LED Costumes
01 July 2014, 5932 hits

LED Dance shows - technical requirements

Till now we’ve talked about how we started to do Tron Dance shows. I think it’s good to know, where the experience come from. But what’s really important is to know, how to actually create and perform the Tron Dance performance.

LED Costumes
25 June 2014, 4164 hits

LED Strip Studio: Tron Dance Edition v.2

It´s always easier to start something new, if you know, you'll use it pretty soon (or even better if you know, you’ll get paid for it soon). This was the case with the second version of our Tron Dance suits.

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