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  • 5 reasons why Tron Dance Show is better than traditional Dance Show

    Many of my friends are asking me, why Tron Dance show is so special and what is the difference between a traditional show and our show.

  • A young dancer who knows how to discover the world.

    How is it to be a Tron Dance dancer? Is that easy job? What kind of opportunity dancers got and what was the start of Tron Dance projects. This and much more in our article!

  • Do you want to hold a Big Event? Here is how we handle it

    When our client contacted me for the very first time, I didn’t have any idea what the event would turn out to be at the end. We just had a request to do a Tron Dance show, it seemed pretty standard. However, soon things started to look more interesting.

  • First visit of the event site

    Hello to every Tron Dance fan! In this second part of the article, we will continue with our journey with our successful event in Pakistan. This time you can read everything from our fist side visit in Karachi, will our final event!

  • LED Dance shows - technical requirements

    Till now we’ve talked about how we started to do Tron Dance shows. I think it’s good to know, where the experience come from. But what’s really important is to know, how to actually create and perform the Tron Dance performance.

  • LED Strip Studio All Tutorials

     Hello to every LSS programmer! Because our company always wants the best possible service to our customers, we would like to write you a detailed description for new tutorial videos about Led Strip Studio software. In the article, you can find a link to free download!

  • The Trip To Pakistan

    We worked every night for three days and it rained every single day (the joys of open air events :D ), so it was necessary to have all covers just next to the lasers. Unfortunately, they are not water resistant. The dancers, all 14 of them, arrived a day before the event and did full rehearsals. We couldn’t do a full rehearsal because the LED screen was still not installed, but.... 

  • Top 5 Best Tron Dance Events

    Do you want to read the second part of our Top 5 rated events? Here is how we continue. 

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