Tron dance controller,

  • Got Talent audition - first test of new LED suits version 2

    We finished first LED suit version 2 about 24 hours before the first training. The plan was to use 4 girls, 1 break-dancer and 5 more guys to do the complete show.

  • LED Strip Studio All Tutorials

     Hello to every LSS programmer! Because our company always wants the best possible service to our customers, we would like to write you a detailed description for new tutorial videos about Led Strip Studio software. In the article, you can find a link to free download!

  • LED Strip Studio: Tron Dance Edition v.2

    It´s always easier to start something new, if you know, you'll use it pretty soon (or even better if you know, you’ll get paid for it soon). This was the case with the second version of our Tron Dance suits.

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