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  • A young dancer who knows how to discover the world.

    How is it to be a Tron Dance dancer? Is that easy job? What kind of opportunity dancers got and what was the start of Tron Dance projects. This and much more in our article!

  • Our TOP 5 Plans in 2018

    We successfully passed 2017 and we are welcoming the new year 2018. 

    What are the TOP 5 highlights that we’ve prepared for you? Let´s check them out in our blog! 

  • Top 5 Best Tron Dance Events

    In this article you can read about the TOP 5 events that, we did in our Tron Dance history. These shows weren't just the best, but also the biggest. Majority of them were broadcast live on TV and the internet, so we have had to be extra careful not to mess it up :) .

  • Top 5 Best Tron Dance Events

    Do you want to read the second part of our Top 5 rated events? Here is how we continue. 

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