LED dance with lasers - oh YEAH!

So far we've only done one show where we've combined lasers and Tron Dance performance.


Our LED dance performance synchronized to lasers


It was a performance for one of our friends, who organizes the techno party called Club Reverse. We used lasers together with two dancers (girls) on the sides of the stage.

First of all, the performance itself is not really perfect. We hadn’t had much time to prepare it (it was all done in one evening) and we hadn't had much time to improve it on the spot either (10 minutes total :) ). Still it was quite good and people liked it a lot.


What I liked about the performance?

  • The dramatic start. You might say that it’s too slow, but the dancers and the lasers behind them – it looked really good (even better in real life than on the video).
  • Girl dancers. For men it’s definitely more interesting. We also let them keep their hair down so it could flow in the air (usually we tell dancers to cover their heads with masks for LED dance performances).
  • We’ve used more cameras to shoot the video. We even used a few tricks – we made a video of the rehearsal of each dancer separately – the graphics' guy had a lot of material to use for cutting the final video. Unfortunately I wanted to see the lasers as much as possible, so the camera was very close to them. The lasers were running at full power (4Watts) without safety zones at the rehearsal– which ruined the camera (you can see that there is a visible line in the middle of the screen sometimes). Anyway, it’s generally a good idea to have more cameras and to make more videos (at rehearsal or such).
  • Start of the LED suit part, the build up. The idea was to let people think that lasers are the only effect we were going to use.
  • The audience danced with the dancers. That’s why we used simple dance figures at the start of the Tron Dance part.
  • 2:39, the start of the main sequence of the music. Our graphics' guy was able to catch all the music beats precisely.
  • 'Laser control' at 3:40 till 3:50. It looks like the girls are actually telling the laser what to do. But you better watch the right dancer, the synchronization was better.


What would I do differently next time?

  • Well, I would definitely ask for more time to prepare the show.
  • The intro became a bit boring after 1 minute (till 1:50). It was possibly caused by the song itself – I would use more light effects, probably more lasers, so that the laser show is more eye-catching.
  • 2:23 the beats started, but the scene was a bit empty. Again maybe some light effects or stroboscopes would help.

Laser show

More lasers .. more fun!


  • The Tron Dance part didn’t use any of the 'darkness tricks'. Those are ones where one dancer disappears and another one appears. Although the fact is, it’s quite hard to do such effects if you use only two dancers.
  • We could use more 'laser control' effects – I mean the part from 3:40 till 3:50. It was a really nice effect when the dancers seemingly 'tell the laser what to do'.
  • Choreography. Well I’m not a choreographer and it would be better if we actually had one to tell the dancers what to do. But it was quite an interesting experience – the dancers have their own library of dance moves and it didn't take long to prepare a quick choreography. Then again, an experienced choreographer would probably do a better job.
  • More 'full' effects at the start. It looks good if you can see the shadow of the dancer in front of the laser. But the laser effect should cover most of the space behind the dancers, so you can actually see the figure.
  • Better cameras. The video quality is quite poor…


Anyways, despite the details, lasers and LED dance are a really good combination of effects. They complement each other thanks to their 'linear' light characteristics (laser beams and LED strips don’t produce a lot of scattered light). I hope we’ll have a chance to use these two technologies together in the future.

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