Why do so many Tron Dance Groups copy our work?

Part of my job, as the sales and PR manager, is keeping an eye on our competitors. Is there anything they do better than us? Did they make a mistake we can learn from? However, I often find groups that just copy our choreography, music, pictures, or even full articles from our webpage.  



Why do they do it? 

I thought about this a lot and tried to look at it from various angles, and I realized something about the plagiarizing and our competitors. I think it’s best explained with an example:

Take the smartphone market. One of the most innovative brands is Apple, with their iPhone. 

Every time Apple shows a new model, other companies try to copy them. They end up with products that look like iPhone, but are much worse in terms of functionality and quality. 

So, my conclusion is that we are doing our job very well, because a lot of groups try to copy us, just like in the smartphone market other brands copy the best possible phone - iPhone.



Let´s show you some examples. 


Text copy


Picture 1 Our webpage www.trondance.com where we wrote this text 4 years ago. 


Picture 2  www.led-clothing.com has got such an original text. They are so creative in China, don’t you think? 


Spanish company

LEDsuits.com went even further – they copied full javascript, not just text (this means they essentially copied and stole our entire webpage)



This thief you can find: www.ledsuits.com/ledsuits-2/ on the right side is our webpage www.trondance.com

Another experts

Picture These guys harmen zeiss "borrowed" from us text, picture and even choreography 

Choreography plagiarism

In this section, we will show you some examples of choreography copyrights and some gropes that are missing any creativity of their own.


 Night Light dancers from Egypt try to copy our choreography. I think you can easily tell who did it better.


Again, the same song, just a little bit faster but another group.


 Another example of false copyright. We own the full license to this song and it’s our intellectual property. Obviously, doesn't matter in some countries. 


And the last one, this crew was so good they copied not just part of our choreography, but dances from three different Tron Dance groups, to mix ‘their own’ choreography. 

Our song starts at 2:20.  


This was just a couple of examples; I think there’s a lot more out there, only we haven’t found them yet. 


What do you think about copyright & how other groups think they can just take your music, copy your choreography and sell it by themselves? Leave us your message in the comments section. 


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