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What you can find in the new tutorial videos? 

    • How to do IP Adress Settings
    • How to connect IP Adress
    • Basic Of programming in LSS

IP Address Settings

In this first video, you can find a way how to set up IP address in your computer step by step. Firstly, open „network settings “, and click to „change adapter settings “, and find Ethernet – properties. After that, you have to find “internet protocol version 4 (TCP / IPv4)”, and open properties.



     Picture 1. Networking settings                     Picture 2. Example of TCP/IPv4 protocol


Now it’s important that your IP settings aren’t AUTOMATIC. Make sure you have a manual IP address and write there:

IP address: (your end of IP 22“ can be changed to any number)

Selected mask:

NOTE: Make sure that your IP address is not the same as your main controller’s IP address.

In our LSS software then you should see “all connected”. If not, please, set up IP address in your LSS software. How to do it? Continue with reading :)




Connecting IP address 

In the first seconds of the video, you can see how your workspace looks. From the very beginning, you can´t see anybody, who’s glowing… Let´s change it!

Click on the “Strip settings”. Find there all RGB analog settings. Now you need to check out main signal sender. You can see that our main sender has IP ending with number 17. However, all settings are set up in our LSS for 20.


Picture 3. Mapping in DMX (Analog) - This setting has to be set up on your main sender controller IP address


As a matter of fact, now you know your IP address, so you can delete that IP ending with number 17 (in your computer will be a different IP number!) and change IP settings in LSS to the one, which was found in your computer (in our case number 17).

Click on the “X”, and red button “all disconnected” should change to “all connected”.



Basics of programming

In this video, you can find how to create simple or more complicated shows straightaway!

Please, check carefully in your workspace a dancer with number five. (Number five is there, because on the backside of dancer is our receiver, where is set number 5).

How we can do this simple programming? 

Click on the “add strip scene”. Now you can see a new effect, which appears on the right side. Click on the “pencil”. Afterwards, select the number 5 and choose any color you like. Your color will be there, just click on the “+”. We recommend changing a name of the scene for easier use in the future.

If you would like to select more parts, then simply hold “CTRL and move the mouse” and select highlight parts, which you want to glow. If you can´t see details in your workspace, you are able to zoom it by using mouse wheel. In our software, you can change brightness as you like. We recommend lower level of brightness, if your suits will shoot the camera. (we are using 20% as a standard)


Picture 4. Our standard brightness level during the shows


For deleting scene, please, click on the “X” in the workspace or select the scene and click on your keyboard “DELETE” 

If you follow all these steps, you are already capable of creating simple scenes. 

However, we have also another option for you. If you would like to create more complicated scenes, please, click on the “create video scene”.

Click on the “+” and select – “Color effect”. On the display immediately appears first scene, which is in options. Click on the “edit palette” and move your mouse to the beginning of the scene “I”. After that pick any color you like. You can even select the second color. In our software, it’s also possible to move your scene horizontally or vertically. Nonetheless, you are able to move a color effect to one dancer or as many dancers as you like. There is also an option to simply copy the effect. Everything happens in real time!



Did you read everything? Download and try our LSS software for free!

Do these videos help you? Please, write us some comments about what else you would like to see there.


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