Do you want to hold a Big Event? Here is how we handle it

Our company has already organized 3 large scale events:

  1. Concert of a singer popular throughout the Czech Republic and Slovakia, where we used 14 dancers,
  2. Trnava football stadium in Slovakia, with 23 dancers, 
  3. Karachi, the opening ceremony for Ronaldinho & Friends Pakistan, with 14 dancers.




Picture 1. Logo of Ronaldinho & Friends

 Here are our experiences!

 What do you need for a successful Big Event? 

- Large enough group of dancers, 

- Very good choreographer, 

- A lot of Tron Dance suits, 

- Experience with programming the show,

- Lasers system and show programmer, 

- LED Screen programmer,

- Good communication skills and patience :)


What is the very first step? 

Well, to be honest the beginning is different each time. It mostly depends on the culture of the client, the type of business you’re working with, etc. For example, take the opening ceremony we did for Ronaldinho & Friends in Karachi. When our client contacted me for the very first time, I didn’t have any idea what the event would turn out to be at the end. We just had a request to do a Tron Dance show, it seemed pretty standard. However, soon things started to look more interesting.

The client requested our Tron Dance Show with lasers synchronisation and LED screen synchronisation. I got really excited about the project at that point, because it was something new for me. Before Karachi, I had only managed standard Tron Dance shows, ones where we normally use 5-7 dancers. Sure, the company has done some bigger events, but all of them were in Slovakia, or at least in Europe. Never before have we done something this big in Asia!


Picture 2. Bratislava - Karachi distance


Communication was really good because our client was a native English speaker and thus, luckily, there weren’t any communication barriers. Before this event, I couldn’t even imagine

how many things there are to manage for an event this big.


So, what do you need to handle exactly? 

In the logistics:

- aeroplane tickets,

- car transport to airports,

- visa,

- accommodation,

But also the technical things as

- all the lasers,

- programming for a full laser show that was part of our opening ceremony,

- giving the essential information to our LED screen programmer,

- programming Tron Dance show in Led Strip Studio software.



Picture 3. Lasers equipment 


It was a huge and time-consuming task and a big responsibility. It wasn’t a problem for me, mostly because I was really excited about this project, but you

should know that events of this scope are a lot of hard work. Being responsible for an event like this means that you need to be there for your client 24/7. Yes, also on the Saturday night when you’re out clubbing, or when you are nursing a hangover the morning after :). 

This was first of three articles about our Pakistan experience. You just need to wait for next week :) 

Do you wanna see the final show? Check it here


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