LED dance under the Eiffel Tower

The idea was really simple – to show Paris something it has never seen before. I think we managed, well, just see for yourself in this video:

The Preparations

Dance and Choreography

For an occasion like this one we needed an entirely new show, one made to the beat of a superb song made for us by Robert Burian.

Right after we first heard it we got a pretty clear idea of what the dance would look like and what moves would be the best to use. Alas, it is one thing to have things thought out in your head and quite another to actually put them in place. However, the skilled dancers from the group ‘The Pastels’ lived up to their impeccable reputation and grasped the dance routine without a slightest hitch. We actually produced the choreography and programmed it all within just a couple of hours… though I have to admit that while loads of fun it was a bit of stressful to do just a day before leaving for Paris.

Technical support

We usually work within spaces where we don’t have to worry about the weather, nor the access to electricity. However, when you get on the spot and actually stand underneath the Eiffel Tower, you suddenly realize not all the conditions are perfect. That is why we did the following things:

  1. We checked the weather
  2. Made a specific battery powered transmitter, grabbed a lot of reserve batteries and a laptop with a sufficient battery capacity
outdoor main ethernet controller 
 main ethernet 


The day before the show we arrived in Paris, got accommodation and hit the town. Of course, it was to cruise for the ideal location, where we could have the Eiffel Tower in the background while still being open for people to watch from various angles. And just so happens we found one exactly like that.

Before we finish, here you can have a look at a short spot of our street entertainment:

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