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The Lucky Traveler

Dubai. The city of grand buildings, never-ending night life and scorching hot weather. One of the most impressing places on the planet. How did I get there, you ask? Well, just like many other journeys, this one also started with a lucky chance. Just so happens that one of the world's biggest exhibitions on the TV studio set-up, software, and hardware was to take place in Dubai. As you know, we produce LED suits whose main purpose is the show in which we can play around with colors, lights, and minds of the people in the audience. David (one of the main organizers of the infocomm exhebition) called us, asking whether we can lend him some of our LED suits. The purpose? Advertising! And that was our ticket to Dubai.


New Generation of Advertising


 We've had a simple task. Bring our LED suits and hire some girls to dress up. They were to go around the exhibition, hand out invitations, and smile at everyone. Simple and useful.The best form of advert.


Hardcore Suit Test

Never before had we tried to work the suits for six hours in a row. It was a big challenge, for us and for the suits as well. Fortunately, everything went on without glitch. The suits shined on and on. All thanks to a new receiver we had produced before this exhibition. Each of them has an input for SD card. Things were simple: create effects, set brightness, set up speed and duration of every effect, save into the SD card, and let them play! And everything worked perfectly.


Wow, who are you girls?

Yes, that was the most asked question for our “sexy humanoid LED advertisement”. Followed by: "Can I take a picture of you?" and "What about a selfie?" :)

And here are some photos from the first day of the exhibition:

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