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But, when you develop some software, quite often you're surprised, how your users or you can use it. And this was the case of using LSS for dance shows. It was able to control DMX analog led strips and it had timeline feature - basic 2 features we required for Tron Dance performances.


What features does the LED Strip Studio provide?

There are many important features available in LSS software. But I like to talk about 3 most important. 


LED Strip Studio software

LED Strip Studio software - all you need to create Tron Dance shows


Color scene editor

Using quick and easy to use color scene editor in LSS you can create unlimited number of scenes for your show. The scene doesn’t have to be static. You can create complete color change animations in the editor. And what’s really speeding up the creation is the ability to quickly copy and paste animations between the suits.


Color scene editor in LED Strip Studio software

Color scene editor - quick and easy to use. Notice the color animation editor.

My favorite feature I always use is the animation library. It quickly allows you to select costume parts and assign them the animation:



Animation library allows you to quickly assign animation to selected LED suit segments.


The latest version even allows you to create 2d color effects or even play videos on the suits. I know it might sound not practical, because each suit uses "only" 16 separate parts. But that's not true. It looks amazing if you e.g. play video of burning fire on the suits.


Fire effect displayed on the LED suits looks amazing. In the visualization or also in real performance.


Overall the editor is where you spend 60-70% of the creation time. And thanks to its features, it's really pleasant experience.


Music synchronized Timeline

It allows you to precisely synchronize your scenes with the music. Using the timeline is pretty straightforward. Just drag and drop the scene from bank onto one of the line and set its duration. The timeline feature I use the most when creating LED dance show are mixing multiple scenes. It allows you to organize the workspace scenes for each suit and then mix them as required. What also saves lot of time is the ability to define fade in and out for each scene in show.


Time line feature

Timeline feature lets you quickly synchronize your scenes to the music.


Hardware support

I know, I’m talking about software. But the software controls the hardware and they really work like one team. You can always see, the hardware is working well on your LSS screen. The Ethernet connection allows quick installation. And the reliable DMX Wi-Fi just does the rest. Usually preparing the hardware controllers doesn’t require more than 15 minutes.


LED Strip Studio hardware

Main Ethernet controller for LED Strip Studio.


Additional important features

Here is just a quick list of remaining features I like:

  • You can define custom suit design and work with it in LSS.
  • Midi MTC synchronization is good for TV shows, so you can synchronize to remaining show elements like effect lights or lasers.
  • The speed of operation. If your client requests some changes in a last moment, it's really no problem to change the show in a few minutes.
  • Visualization- we never create the shows with dancers. I usually just sit with the choreographer and we prepare the show completely using the software only.
  • Limits. Or I should say no limits- you can use as many suits as you need. Just add additional LSS controllers and you can create shows for 20 or more dancers...

 We use LSS for one year already to create the dance shows. And we still add new features, which makes the creation even easier. If you're really busy person and need to create Tron Dance shows quickly or if your customers are little bit unpredictable and they require quick changes before the show, LSS is the one for you. It'll definitely help you doing better job than the other possible ways of creating LED dance performances:





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