LED Strip Studio: Tron Dance Edition v.2


Got Talent

The Got Talent show was extremely successful in Czech Republic and Slovakia. We understand each other’s language very well and there is still a feeling of friendly competition between us. Maybe that's why there was already 4th series of Got Talent in a row in 2013. We knew, this would be a great opportunity to present new technology like Tron Dance.


We did LED strip installations for several Got Talent series here in Slovakia (and Czech Republic)


 But if you work with artists, you know they come always late. And they came with this idea of attending Czechoslovakia's got Talent one month before the last possible casting. So again: "Can you do that?" and again: "Sure we can".


Improving the LED suit

The biggest problem of v1 LED Suit were the strips and how we've stitched them to the costume. We knew, we can't do the same mistake again. We needed some plastic parts we could attach to dancer's body that would provide rigid surface to attach the LED strips to.


We were lucky once again. We found some professionals in plastics and they recommended us exact type of plastics we could use. We've also found quit convenient way to form the plastics into almost any shape we like. Plastic shell was great, we could start attaching the LED strips.

I must say, it was an easy task already - especially comparing the 1st version. We just drilled the holes and used zip ties to attach the strips. We were already quite experienced in wiring thanks to our previous work for TV studios. That was already quite easy.

Well let’s be honest – the new suits don’t look so great as the version 1. But – they work pretty well. And not many people could actually see the difference.


LED Suit v.2 made of plastic shells covered by LED strips


We've decided to upgrade also the wiring and electronics. We've used automotive fuses to protect it and I must say, since then no suit receiver got damaged. Yes, we've burnt down several fuses at the first training, but it was already quite easy to fixWe have also improved the software so it was a lot easier and faster to create Tron Dance shows synchronized to the music.



New version 2 of LED dance controllers – improved a lot


Everything worked, we've been able to finish the suits 1 day before the last possible audition at Got Talent. We have also improved in timing - we had more than 24 hours to test the suits - what a luxury ;) ... And how was the show? You'll find out in my next article.


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