Red Bull in Central - our most successful Tron Dance performance

I hold a great respect in the marketing of Red Bull. They really use the earned money for something, which you can only admire. No matter if it’s jumping Felix or all those adrenaline sports. We've had luck to work already on 2 great projects for the "sweet water".

Chevrolet Camaro for Red Bull

The first event we worked on for Red Bull was Car Drift event in Saudi Arabia. We covered Chevrolet Camaro by video (digital) LED strips and turned into an LED screen:


Red Bull Car Drift - Chevrolet Camaro as LED screen...


It was quite complicated, but it's not the project I want to talk about here. 


Tron Dance for Red Bull

The second was a promotion of 3 new Red Bull editions. And it is till now our most successful LED dance performance:


Tron Dance as it should be


The event took place in one of the biggest malls (shopping centers) in Bratislava called Central. The performance was not announced in advance - it just happened…


Why it is so successful?

Today there are more than 800000 views of this video on YouTube (more than sum of all our other videos). Why it was so successful? Well I can only guess, but these are I think the most important points:

1. Surprise surprise - the suits were working :) ... I know I know, maybe not a reason to admire, but it was quite a huge relief for us after the previous disaster.

2. The show was very original and performed in Red Bull way. The performance was not announced. The people there were just people buying their stuff, they didn’t know, any performance should happen there. It was just one big surprise.

3. The show might seem like not planned at all. But the fact is, we've spent a lot of time with the arrangement of the scene. We've met the customer at the shopping center and also the woman, who runs the mall. Red Bull guys just wanted the dance. But we (me and the choreographer) convinced them to use black backdrop, better audio and black dance-floor to improve the visual appearance of the whole scene. And that instant stage-creation is just great I think...

4. The guys from The Pastels did a great job dancing.

5. I think it was a great idea about the cans. I know, it was not performed well this time. But the idea was, the guy will drink blue Red Bull, so he turns blue. After red, he turns red. I think it’s nice idea to introduce the 3 new tastes of Red Bull in this original way.


Red Bull cans in action - they are great! Battery powered, made from 5050 LED strips (=shines like crazy).


What could we do better?

I really consider this show to be great. But it was not perfect, there are few points that could be improved:


1. The lost ladies. I asked several times, if they know what to do and when to do it. But well… They didn't. The idea for them was to bring the light cans (we produced those too) to the guys and they would change color after they drink it. Each color represented different taste of new Red Bull. But ... beware of the amateurs - they got lost on stage 5x3m :) ...

2. The suit was not perfect. Suits were all working till the end thanks to improved electronics. But after this show we knew, the strips and the way they're attached to the suits won't work for a long time. You might notice, the leg of one dancer turns off while dancing.

3. The 384-LEDs per meter strips are nice. But they already looked like shot by machine gun after only 2 performances. We knew at this time, we'll have to change them to something more durable.


My business partner Maros testing the suit and wireless range day before the show


4. The customer was not entirely happy. The reason was, the people in the shopping center already knew, something is going to happen and they waited for it. The idea was to dance as a big surprise. I think it was caused by the 5 minute pre-dance performance by the break-dancers (which was requested by the client though).


Anyway, this video became extremely successful and we were lucky to find new clients thanks to this YouTube success. But we already knew, this system of suits is simply not good. The visual appearance was great, but the suits were not reliable enough. That's why we've started to think about completely new system - Tron Dance v.2.



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