Who we are and what we do?

Who am I?

My name is Michal Pokluda and I'm one of the owners of Showtacle, company which now produces the Tron Dance system. I started my journey in this industry in 1997. I used to draw graphics in Corel, 3D Max or Photoshop. We also produced some games for 8 bit computers (ZX Spectrum 48k) when one of my friends asked me to help him create some laser shows for one DJ in Slovakia. I really loved the job, all the parties and the laser shows. After this DJ stopped doing shows, I really missed the touring/party life.

I knew the software I had to use to create laser shows wasn't really that great. And the worst part was the picture-drawing software. That's why I decided to develop my own graphic software. I've learnt to develop software and when finished, I've sent it to Kvant company for a test and they hired me shortly after. Kvant is now one of the leading producers of laser show equipment.

It was really a great time in Kvant. We produced lots of great laser shows; I used to travel almost every week to perform at a small or large laser show event. We were one of the first in the world to use more than 10 lasers at one event (it was for Dj Tiesto, we haven't slept for 2 days to make it happen). And we've produced world first USB controller for laser shows.

While performing with the laser shows I've also developed Fiesta software, which is used to create laser shows with as much as 50 lasers now. Overall, it was a great job, but in 2006 I had to leave. After a few boring jobs, in 2007 I founded Showtacle with my former colleague from Kvant.

Generally speaking, my professional background is that of a software developer with a lot of event-experience.


 Who are we?

We officially started as a company in 2007, although we'd already done some development in 2006.
To be honest, it was a really tough start for us. We started with development of a very complicated device, which would solve every problem of laser shows. It would be able to do everything, except maybe making coffee. Of course it was never finished and we've lost a lot of time for nothing. But I guess it was important to lose all that excessive naivety and optimism we had back then :) ...

Our first project - ultimate Laser controller
Our first project - ultimate laser show controller,
which was never finished


Our second project - laser matrix, Moncha oe Laser Show JukeboxLaserMatrix - ILDA Award no. 1, 2009  Anyway, the following products were, luckily, much better. We have developed a few nice devices, for example: LaserMatrix, Moncha or Laser Show Jukebox. Some of them were even awarded by Fenning award (which is kind of like Oscars for laser show industry), some of them are used to control laser shows for Justin Timberlake and some of them are probably used to drive lasers used in your nearest club. You can find out more about our laser show brand at our Showtacle homepage. 


Justin Timberlake's laser shows are created using our Moncha.NET laser show controller


In 2009 my business partner bought 2m of digital LED strip when we've attended an exhibition in Shanghai. I remember I've called him quite a few bad words for spending money on such "a stupid stuff" back then. Anyway, turns out I was wrong and in the last 4 years we've developed complete control system for video and analog LED strips called LED Strip Studio. It's used to control LED lightning in almost every Czech and Slovak TV show and it's also used to control lightning in Got Talent and X Factor shows.


Video LED Strips (or Digital LED strips) are great - after you make them work :) ...


Generally, we're company focused on development of laser and LED controllers.


LED dancer like a Tron Dance dancer like the greatest symbioses of light, dance and music 

Why the Tron Dance?

Every new product brand we did so far started out by accident or pure luck (or both). And the same goes for the Tron Dance. I'll try to talk about our Tron Dance journey in my following post. But the answer to "Why the Tron Dance?" is really quite easy - because it's so amazing :) ... I think it's one of the greatest symbioses of light, dance and music. I've seen the Tron Dance shows more than 100 times already, while preparing and performing the shows, but still, when I see the dancers performing on the stage - I can feel chill running down my back. It's simply spectacular.


Why this blog?

I always like to attend exhibitions, because I like to talk to our friends and clients. It's a lot easier to explain all the details of some product in person. Not to mention, I always get feedback to check if our present direction is correct. But the fact is, I've never met most of our clients in person.

We also always tried to create our web pages as brief and straight-forward as possible because we want to save our clients' time. But the fact is, many of the features, technical details, or even business suggestions are not so easy to explain in just a few words. That's why I've decided to write down my thoughts and experiences with this great LED Dance technology. But I would really appreciate, if you let me know which questions bother you. And it really doesn't matter, if it's business related or technical detail regarding Tron Dance - we have to deal with both aspects every day ;) ...

Although reading this blog, you are probably a dance choreographer, light technician or business man and you have your own professional experience with choosing the ideas, which will suit your needs, I will give you one warning - all my thoughts are based on our experience, but not all of it might be correct, or the best choice for you. That's why I recommend to always think before using my advice and thoughts.

This blog is a daily destination for all the fans of LED shows and Tron Dance shows who are interested in LED technology, LED show and all the most interesting from the world of Entertainment.

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