23 and even more LED dancers for huge Tron Dance performance? No problem…

For a show as big as the new stadium opening ceremony, our standard 7-dancer show simply wasn’t enough. That’s why we decided to use 23 young dancers. And how did it turn out? See for yourself:

What are my experiences from this show?

It’s actually really complicated is to get the dancers to do what you need. Luckily our partner, Milan from Jumbo dance school, already had tons of experience with this kind of choreographies, ones that require many dancers. He’s generally an easygoing guy, but when it comes to working on choreographies he’s strict and precise. Thanks to him the discipline was really good.

before the show

The most time consuming process for us was to actually get the dancers dressed. Usually when we do our standard performance, with 7 dancers, it takes about 1.5 hours to dress all of them. This time we’ve managed to dress them in less than 2 hours. However, this was only because we had 5 technicians on the spot. For this type of shows you just cannot cope without a bigger team.

Since our standard Tron Dance controller is able to manage “only” 10 dancers, we had to use 3 of them. It’s also important to test all the suits before the dancers hit the stage (the stadium in this case). Of course we had to do that in the backstage before the show. That’s why we’ve built this temporary mobile dance show controller platform we could move between the stage and the football stadium:


I know it doesn’t look all that professional, but it does the job well. It’s easy to carry, plus it leaves you with just two cables (power and Ethernet) to connect once you’re on stage. And it can control up to 30 dancers… This way I was ready for the show in about 5 minutes in the control center.

Since the show also used lasers and video effects, we had to synchronize LED Strip Studio software with time code from the main controller console. Again, this wasn’t a problem, we just used this USB MIDI device:


Overall the show was amazing and our customer was very happy. We must say the Kvant guys did quite a nice laser show background for the dancers, which actually made the performance even better. We’re happy we have made another record (at least for us) – 23 LED dancers on one stage!

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